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Brian Sturges

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Compassion/Service Development and Design

Pixel Perfect

I love attention to detail and have a passion for intersecting design detail with clarity and simplicity.


Listening and learning about you enables a collaborative approach to success and new friendships.


Fresh and Unique Designs enabled through exploration of faith and community.

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Brian Sturges


About me

Husband to my beautiful wife Nici and father to four amazing kids. My background is varied with elements including the love of sport, playing music, growing in my faith, and pushing the boundaries of tech.

While my day job focuses on nascent healthcare mobility technolgies, my passion for design and beauty enable me to utilize more of my talents.


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Blog Post 1

Passion 2016 - Louie Giglio

This is one of the coolest videos walking through the Gospel I've ever seen. Oh to have been one of the 120K students in attendence. In addiotion, they satellite linked three stadiums with minimal latency. Production magic!

Passion 2016 - Louie Giglio

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Blog Post 2

Ravi Zacharias, Denis Prager, and Jeff Foxworthy - The Death of Truth; The Decline of Culture

Truth is on the stage. Also on this stage are three men: a Jewish scholar, a Christian Apologeticist and a Southern comedian. Brilliant revelation!

Death of Truth, Decline of Culture

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Blog Post 3

Passion 2018 - Levi Lusko

“We need to have the relaxed confidence of a people who know that God is in charge and forever is ours." Kicking the bucket list. Find fulfillment in Jesus and the future he has for us. Fixing our focus ahead.

Passion 2018 - Levi Lusko

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